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Welcome to CartoonLogoZone.com, or "The Zone" for short. As you may have guessed, we create cartoon logos, and we create them well.


Who Run's This Cartoon Logo Business?


The Zone is run by custom cartoon logo designer Ty Lombardi. I am a freelance cartoonist who specializes in creating funny cartoon logos and cartoon pictures.


Talk to Me About These Cartoon Logos...


You wanna know more about these things, huh? Let's see...First off, a cartoon logo is a highly expressive way of conveying an effective message for your company, website, or organization.


In fact, statistics show that customers are 18% more likely to consider your product or service when you have a cartoon logo! That's a powerful number if you ask me. However, I can't convince you to order a custom cartoon logo design, the decision is yours.


Some Cartoon Logo Samples


shark cartoon images
Shark Cartoon Picture

skull cartoon logo
Skull Cartoon Logo

dog logo
Dog Logo

monster cartoon
Monster Cartoon

fitness logos
Fitness Logos

ice cream logos
Ice Cream Logos



How Custom Are These Things?


The Zone's cartoon logo designs are 100% customizable. That means YOU are in charge. That's right. YOU come up with an idea, and I make it exactly as YOU want it, or better! I create each design by using a process that works best for both myself and you. On that note, let's talk a bit about the cartoon logo design process.


The Cartoon Logo Design Process


Discussion - You and I talk about your design ideas and I mention my own. We then come to a conclusion.

Sketch Phase - I draw you a rough sketch of your cartoon logo design, and we revise the sketch to your liking.

Digital Processing Stage - I send the sketch through the digital process to produce a crisp, colorful design. You will love the final result, guaranteed.


For an in-depth demonstration on my cartoon logo design process, click here.


How Can I Trust The Zone to Design Me a Custom Cartoon Logo?


Simple. I know what I'm doing. I have years of experience working with cartoon logos and I take pride in my work.


On a more descriptive level, I understand style very well. I know how to take the typeface, cartoon style, and colors and match them to your target audience. Piece of cake!


Advantages of Cartoon Logo Zone


- My work is original
- I am friendly, easy-going, and realistic. I work WITH you.
- I create EXACTLY what you need if not something better.
- I take pride in my work. I don't send it to you unless I perfect it.
- My prices are extremely fair.


I Create the Following...


Cartoon logos, shark cartoon images, funny cartoon pictures, pictures of cartoon people, cartoon snakes, cartoon devils, humorous cartoons, skull cartoons, funny business cartoons, character brand logos, and more!


Contact Me


I am available for cartoon logo work anytime. Simply contact The Zone and I will send you a free quote right away!









Logo Samples




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The Process










free clip art images
Free Clip Art Images


cartoon posters
Cartoon Posters


tack board bottom

I am a cartoonist who creates funny cartoons, cartoon logo pictures, funny logos & characters.

Enjoy my cartoon pictures!



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